re•al•i•ty TV
noun: reality TV; plural noun: reality TVs; noun: reality television; plural noun: reality televisions (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reality_television)
1. Television programs in which real people are continuously filmed, designed to be entertaining rather than informative.

Reality TV, unlike Movies, is very unique and specific to each country; even the same format would have changes for each country based on the demand of the viewers.
Over the past 10 years there has been a massive demand for Reality TV within the International market, as well as South Africa. These demands led to the creation of Switchblade Films.
Switchblade Films is involved in every aspect relating to the stunts. We are required to conceptualize; design; build; & test each stunt to ensure its safety & performance before the contestants attempt them on camera.

Every show has its own challenges and locations are sometimes extreme. Usually there are no second takes when it comes to Reality TV and this means we have to ensure the planning and testing is meticulous to get the best result the first time round.
There is a very close connection between Reality TV and movies and because of this we are able to make an easy transition between them. When it comes to the design and rigging of the stunts, our movie experience is extremely important and allows us to keep things fresh and on edge. For several years now South Africa has been the filming hub for several International Reality TV formats such as Fear Factor, I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of Here, and most recently The Getaway Car for BBC UK.
The expertise and professionalism of our crew is definitely also a contributing factor to this success.